What is the Brainfactory?

Since the beginning of the Internet age, technology has developed a lot rapidly in the last 20 years. The use of the Internet and the associated devices such as smartphones and wearable technology are no longer a luxury. Every age group, especially those aged 7-14, is growing up with technology at the same time. Every step of the development process is therefore another for the next generation and the end user in 10 years. Our experience is based on a 20-year history in the IT industry, making us one of the dinosaurs in the IT industry. We have seen the evolution since the beginning of the “dot.com boom” and, based on our experience, can understand how the behavior and aspirations of end users have changed over time.


For our customer, Domstein Seafood AG in Switzerland, we have recorded current reports and distributed them via media channels. The distribution of important distributors as well as search engines has caused the news to spread quickly to hundreds of small and large websites. The goal was to bring the company’s events first hand to the public.



Fishstockexchange.com is the most largest portal in the global fish industry. Companies as well as research institutes and end customers can obtain information about the fish industry as well as make their own contributions here. The FSX (Fishstock Exchange) portal is a social media site with specific content across the entire fishing industry.



For our customer, Domstein Seafood AG, which is active in the fish industry, we have used our rotor system. The goal was to generate inquiries for investments. The results are achieved here by creating a landing page (domsteininvest.com) and applying via search engines such as social media sites. At the same time a retargeting for interested parties is launched. Duration of the project: 12 months.


Let's have a look on what we can do for you. Is there anything more you need? Just ask us and we will define a special plan for you. All our clients will be supported in exclusive way. Planing projecting and acting will be the three steps in our challenge. Let's work together.


Our Company

This is where we are constantly working to develop new technologies and to achieve new generations in the long term and sustainably with intelligent marketing strategies; Rather, even holding you in our midst to steer and strengthen their decision-making power.

The Brainfactory, as the name implies, works like a factory constantly analyzing the minds of end users to provide solutions for businesses. These are especially simple to complicated ways to attract and retain users, to the development of new intelligent systems in the field of artificial intelligence. The development of IT systems is combined with marketing strategies which are implemented and controlled directly by us on request. Our customer is the IT industry also the end user who benefits from our services.

We want to continue to set a sign for the future, opening ways to make life easier by preserving preserving our human values.