Substances, having property of attracting and magnetic poles such as iron, nickel and cobalt are called Magnets. The opposite ends of the magnet have magnetic pulling and pushing force, which creates a magnetic field around the magnet. Magnetic materials and/or magnets attract each other because of created magnetic field. Through our innovative works, creative ideas and strong experiences, we make you become the magnet of your business. Wouldn’t you like to attract all attention like magnet?

We establish a News Sharing (social media) site for our customers. You can create different categories within the News Portal site and share news content. Though our membership system, people can subscribe to the site and comment on the news on social media. While collecting data on the hand, we ensure that your content spreads more quickly. Sites to be supporting your Portal site and creating trust are set up and backling works are done. Social media for sharing and publicity also takes place in preparation period as well as search engine optimization and bulk mail shipping are take place in preparation phase. Content can be prepared by you as well as you can get this service from us.

-Concept Creation -Projecting
-Design Work 1 + 50
-Software Work
-Domain Name Allocation
-Server Setup
-Add Content (creation organic content creation, visual content design, backlink, lists, Encyclo paedic news)
-Social Media Work (posting, sharing, follower enhancement)
-Search Engine Optimization (registration, fixing)
-Influencer operation
-Marketing & Marketing Consul tancy
-Technical Support
-Editorial Support