The magnetic field forms by passing electrical current through the conductor wire. When the magnetic field formed by magnet and the conductor wire which is electric current through contact each other, the conductor starts to rotate. In the electric motors, rotating part is rotor. This allows converting electrical energy to mechanical energy of electric motors. We provide in your projects, as a magnet attract people who we take to your projects into our magnetic field and turn around them like a rotor which led to keep in our network.

We work to create permanent and high traffic to your site. We do analyses, promotions, targeting, re-targeting and follow up studies to reach your target audience. By creating your trust with social media works, we provide meeting your target audiences to you and their constantly return. We are creating permanent customers to your site. We do advertising and optimization according to efficiency.

-Landingpage installation
-Content Detection
-Graphic Studies
-Advertisement Image Works (Banner)
-Mail installation (Autoresponder)
-Viral Loop installation
-Social media installation and monitoring
-Search Engine Ad / Retargeting
-Social Media Advertising / Retar geting
-Marketing & Marketing Consul tancy
-Technical support
-Editorial Support